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Teton Springs Phase 1

Victor, Idaho- Commercial Hotel and Spa, EIM INC. was responsible for all site work and utilities to include: Water Mainline, Sewer Mainline, Storm Sewer integration an installation. Power and communication install to the complex. Structural excavation and Complex groundwater distribution system. Phase 1 was completed in 6 months and we were awarded Phase 2.

Camp Ground Renovation and Rehabilitation


EIM Inc. was awarded our first campground expansion and rehabilitation project. We worked closely with the Parks and Recreation Director and Bonneville County Commissioner Roger Christensen. This Project consisted of developing eleven new Campsite loops. Our work entailed Sewer Mains, Water Mains, Electrical Mains, Power Services, Service laterals, Backfilling, Roadway clearing and excavation, Mass Rock Excavation, Four room CXT Vault bathroom installation, Concrete placement, ADA Accessibility measures and Paving roadways. Our successful completion of this project with Bonneville County has seen us through three other jobs in 2012.


Metal Buildings

We recently completed a spacious 30'x 50" work shop.  We put some great storage on both sides and decided to work out some great storage options on the inside.  This shop featured massive beams and fully inbedded and welded beams, 6" thick reinforced concrete floor, Metal Oversized 18' double overhead drive-in/drive-out metal doors and a heat resistant Galvalume metal roof.