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Our Approach Provide price competitive construction services with an honest commitment to quality and paying attention to details Insure a safe workplace environment and make safety a priority with every task we perform Attract and invest in the best asset we have “Our Employees” by providing constant training and growth opportunities Make the commitment to build and honor long term business relationships and strategic alliances with each and every client Maintain constant focus on delivering the results that meet orexceed the expectations of our clients Our Story As a Veteran of the United States Army I have led, managed and mentored a multitude of personnel.  During my Service in the Army I learned the core values needed to be successful in today’s economy. Timeliness and ethical business are two traits that we strive to live by and pass on to our staff. I Served 12 total years in the United States Armed Forces where I was stationed throughout the United States.  I currently serve in the Army National Guard protecting Texas Borders.  I studied Communication at the University of Colorado. In 1998 I changed my career path and moved into the Civil Construction World. I sharpened my skills as a Working Foreman at a Commercial Excavation and site work company In Colorado. I met my wonderful wife in 2000 and moved to her hometown in Idaho.  The construction industry had me. I secured a job with a large home builder and began as an Excavation Superintendent. I was promoted shortly thereafter to building superintendent. After several years of working for other companies, I realized my passion for both areas of construction would only be fed by starting my own Company. In May 2005 I started Earth In Motion Excavation Inc. My goal was to start a construction company that would be successful through long lasting relationships with Subcontractors, vendors, employees and clients. EIM Inc. has successfully competed for employment within the diverse construction sector. Services we offer include: Commercial Construction Site Work and Development Utilities Roadways Hardscape Preparation Hotels Industrial Government Campground Expansion and Rehabilitation Today with our success in expanding our subcontract/vendor, Employee and client base, EIM INC. Continues to seek new challenges, stand on the leading edge of technology, and streamline construction delivery methods.   Sincerely, Chadwick Burnell President   Fransisco Malagon our Project Manager Francisco has been with us for just over 10 years now and is a force to be reckoned with.  The ladies love him and he is such a great character to have around.  His work ethic is unstoppable and he will complete any project with his "can d0" attitude.  Pictured below is about 8 years ago when Fransisco headed up a massive excavation project to clear unsafe blasted rock for the Department Of Transportation in conjunction with a private Nuclear Facility.   Chad Burnell President We work hard but sometimes we like to play harder.  One of my personal passions is to pour lead into Wild hogs! My wonderful wife.  A passion for life and helping others makes her a breath of fresh air.  She is detailed, concise and ensures all of our projects get that "women's touch" that only they have. Next Steps... You are welcome to contact me anytime for a formal or informal proposal for your next project. Call to Action


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